Discover the official range of the Boston Dynamics Spot, including payloads and additional accessories.
We also provide payloads designed or distributed by external partners, fully adapted to Spot.


Pack robot spot

Spot Robot Package

Get the Boston Dynamics Spot robot package, including all the necessary materials to start your first autonomous mission!

spot inspection industrielle pack

Spot Industrial Inspection Package

The complete Spot robot package specially configured for autonomous industrial inspection. This pack includes all the equipment required for visual, thermal and acoustic inspections.

pack robot spot sécurité publique

Spot Public Safety Package

Make your interventions as safe as possible with the Spot Public Safety package, reducing the risk of potentially dangerous scenarios for humans.

pack robot spot académie manipulation

Spot Academia / Manipulation Package

The Spot robot Academia Manipulation package is ideal for organizations seeking to meet the challenges of physical interaction.

pack spot scan 3d

Spot 3D Scanning Package

The Spot 3D Scanning package comes with the Leica BLK ARC 3D scanner and is perfect for all your reality capture applications.


boston dynamics arm spot

Spot Arm

Meet the mobile robot arm designed to enable you to act on data insights and perform real, physical work in human-centric environments.

spot dock station recharge

Spot Dock Charging Station

Meet Spot Dock, the self-charging station that transforms Spot into a truly autonomous remote inspection tool.

boston dynamics spot cam IR infrarouge

Spot CAM+IR (Infrared)

Discover the SPOT CAM+IR with its integrated thermal camera, microphones and amplified speakers added to all the functionalities of the CAM+, for detailed and versatile inspection operations.

boston dynamics spot cam + payload

Spot CAM+

Perform ultra-detailed inspections with the Spot CAM+, which adds a PTZ with 30x optical zoom to the Spot CAM.

spot robot eap lidar

Spot EAP-2 (LiDAR)

Explore and inspect large areas with this Enhanced Autonomy Payload (LiDAR) that improves the range and accuracy of the Spot robot autonomy system.

spot score I-O boston dynamics


Spot CORE I/O enhances both the computation and communications available on the Spot platform. Built-in 5G/LTE modem and dedicated processing via CPU and GPU.

boston dynamics spot gxp ports

Spot GXP (Ports)

Spot GXP jump-starts payload integration by providing several breakout ports from Spot’s main payload port.

kit rajant mesh kinetic radio spot robot

Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Radio Kit

Deploy Spot quickly and easily within an isolated network, thanks to the Rajant Kinetic Mesh Radio kit, with no infrastructure required.

persistent system radio spot robot

Persistent Systems Radio Kit

The Persistent Systems MPU5 Radio Kit enables point to point communications between Spot and its operator

application Orbit robot sot

Orbit Application

Discover ORBIT, a web-based application that allows to control your Spot robot remotely, anytime, from anywhere.

spot tablet boston dynamics

Spot Tablet

Additional tablet with optional joysticks to control your Spot robot. Provided with the Spot Application.

spot battery enterprise

Spot Battery

Additional battery for Spot robot, enabling to perform longer missions!

spot charger boston dynamics

Spot Charger

Additional charger including all accessories for Spot robot.


ricoh theta 360

Ricoh Theta Z1

The Ricoh Theta Camera provides high-quality visual inspection with an unbeatable price / performance ratio.

fluke sv600 spot robot

Acoustic Imager Fluke SV600

The Fluke SV600 Acoustic Imager enables users to continuously detect, locate and visualize air and gas leaks or changes in sound signatures.

leica blk arc scanner 3d spot


The Leica BLK ARC is an autonomous laser scanning module for Spot robot. It delivers fully autonomous and repeatable scan missions.

Rajant BreadCrumb ES1 (Mesh)

The Rajant BreadCrumb ES1 kit enables a better WiFi connection (range and bandwidth) with your Spot robot in complex environments.

h3d h400

H3D Gamma Camera

Localize any gamma-ray sources with the H3D Spectrometer sensor on Spot

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