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What’s up Intuitive Robots?

October 2019 – Business Innovation Week, Zurich, Switzerland

First time for Cruzr in Switzerland

From October 1st to 4th we attended the Business Innovation Week event held in Zurich, Switzerland. This event was a great opportunity to showcase different robots using our SPARK solution. In addition, in was the very first time we showed Cruzr robot, the new generation of service robot from UBTECH Robotics, in Switzerland.

May 2019 – Vivatech 2019, SPARK evolution and new partnership

SPARK works now on 4 different robots

For the fourth year in a row, we were at Vivatech in Paris, one of the largest tech event in Europe. Vivatech was the perfect occasion to showcase the latest version of SPARK, our smart solution for robots, which now works on 4 different robots (Pepper, Cruzr, Buddy and Alpha-Mini). By presenting various retail, service and hotel use cases, we showed how useful and effective robots they are in any kind of business.

Botaldo : A Partnerhsip with DYDU and l’Equipe

For the first time, we showcased Botaldo, the soccer expert chatbot from the sports media l’Equipe. By using the DYDU chatbot platform and thanks to our SPARK solution, we have integrated Botaldo into robots, allowing to ask the robots any questions about the French soccer league. Botaldo will soon be available on other platforms.

May 2017 – Vivatech Paris

The world’s ‘rendez-vous’ for startups & leaders

For this second edition, 6 Pepper robots welcomed visitors at the main entrance. Using our P4S applications, Pepper’s job was to give information about the main conferences, help people to find their direction and entertain them with interactive games.

In addition to the Pepper partners village organized by Softbank Robotics, we were also at Carrefour Lab where Pepper made the promotion of smart devices.

Best moment so far was the handshake between Pepper and French President Emmanuel Macron.

We will be at the next Vivatech edition end of May, click here for more info.

April 2017 – Pepper World Paris

The official Pepper Partners event

Finally an event fully dedicated to Pepper in France! Organized by Softbank Robotics Europe, we showed our P4S solution and its new features, enabling to deploy Pepper even more rapidly in any kind of business!

The P4S solution includes:

  • Product promotion app
  • FAQ app
  • Satisfaction survey app
  • Entertaining apps

IR Founder Franck Calzada talks about P4S