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Make powerful presentations and captivate your audience with your robot!

The Robot Presenter application can perform slides presentation, alone or with a human, by either connecting to an existing Google Slides document, or by creating your own slides using the available SPARK dedicated template.

Google Slides document:

  • Create or use a GSlides document,
  • Share your Google Slides document in a few clicks,
  • Add your document ID (in the URL) to the dedicated spark template,
  • Define the display and content said by the robot (in the comments section for each slide),
  • And you’re all set !

SPARK dedicated template:

  • Create your own slides using the scene editor from SPARK
  • Customize slides with videos, animations, sounds, speech…
  • And you’re all set !

Wether you use Google Slides documents or SPARK dedicated template, you can set extra configuration for the robot such as:

  • Automatic or manual mode to go from one slide to another
  • Theme button for displaying next / previous buttons
  • Minimal duration for the slides
  • Image caching


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Robot Compatibility

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Special Features

➔  Connected to Google Slides
➔  Many options available