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Founded in Nantes in 2014 by Franck Calzada, we design applications solutions for humanoid robots, such as NAO and Pepper, from Softbank Robotics (formerly Aldebaran)

Our strong experience combined with our technical knowledge of Pepper and NAO robots, make us able to design relevant, robust and efficient interactive applications.

In partnership with Softbank Robotics, we took part in Pepper’s first deployment in Europe by creating interactive applications for Carrefour stores in France & Spain, then the second most important deployment for the Carnival Group (AIDA, Costa Cruise) on several cruise ships, for the Renault car dealerships and more recently for retailers in US.

2017 has been great for IR with more than 200 Pepper robots using Pepper4Services, our core solution for Pepper. You can take a look at our latest projects here.

In 2018, we’re focusing on smart solutions including AI & Knowledge technologies, enabling to provide a better interaction with robots.

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Team Intuitive Robots

Team Members

Team Members

team Franck Calzada

Franck Calzada

Founder / CEO

team Thomas Pennarun

Thomas Pennarun

R&D Manager

julien joliff intuitive robots

Julien Joliff

Marketing Manager

team melyss blouin

Melyss Blouin

Robotics Engineer

team paulo cornec

Paulo Cornec

Robotics Engineer

team flora briand

Flora Briand

UX Manager

jordan gobley intuitive robots

Jordan Gobley

Software Engineer

halvard douaud intuitive robots

Halvard Douaud

Front-end Developer

camille soetaert

Camille Soetaert

R&D Engineer