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Spot Explorer or Enterprise, which robot to choose?

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Spot, the famous four-legged robot designed for automated inspection and data collection, has been commercially available since 2019 (end of 2020 in Europe), with today more than 500 robots deployed in multiple industries around the world.

In early 2021, Boston Dynamics announced an advanced version of their classic model (Spot Explorer), with the release of Spot Enterprise version.

If most of the technical features are similar between the two versions, some significant differences must be taken into account, especially according to the expected usage and the deployment context.

Discover the differences in this article!


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spot robot explorer or enterprise

The Key Element : Autonomy

One of the most important difference between the two versions is the management of the batteries and their charging. For Spot Explorer, the batteries must be replaced and charged manually by a human. At the opposite, for the Enterprise version an autonomous self-charging station (Spot Dock) is available (as an option), allowing the robot to charge itself without human help. with Spot Dock, the robot can quickly offload large data sets collected during the robot’s missions. In addition? Enterprise has an improved cooling and ventilation system, allowing a faster charging process.

Second difference, the Autowalk mode (mode allowing Spot to perform data collection autonomously) is limited to 1000m for the Explorer version, whereas it is unlimited for the Enterprise.

About the WiFi, Enterprise has a Dual Band 802.11ac WiFi, allowing a better connectivity and signal reliability compared to the Explorer version, which is in 2.4 Ghz.

To conclude, the choice of the version depends mainly on the expected use. If you need to automate inspection and data collection over large areas, without any human intervention, the Enterprise version is definitely the most suitable. Whichever version you choose, Spot is an excellent way to meet your inspection needs in a large variety of environments.

Discover Spot Enterprise

Want to go further?

Discover Spot-Dock, the autonomous self-charging charging station for Spot Enterprise.

Spot Dock is a self-charging station that enables users to access a complete autonomy of your robot. As part of your inspection projects, it will allow you:

  • To organize all your routine missions remotely and safely, without any human action on robot
  • To transfer the data collected during the missions directly through the station (Ethernet connectivity)



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