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SPARK integrates the most advanced AI chatbots/voicebots and the best Knowledge technologies in a unique solution that can operate on any robots with Android OS.

A multi-robot & multi-chatbot solution

By combining chatbots/voicebots performances with robot’s interactive capabilities, SPARK provides useful, smart and effective interactions with social robots like Pepper, Cruzr, Buddy, Alpha-Mini.

Integrate the most advanced AI chatbots in your robot (Google Dialogflow, Amazon Lex, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, DoYouDreamUp, custom-made bot…), connect it to the IoT world and use the best third-party services (SMS, emails, Calendars…) for a rich and smart Human-Robot conversation.

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Chatbot platforms supported (more are coming soon!)

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Integrates your chatbot/voicebot to provide smart and effective interaction with the robots

Uses the best Knowledge resources from Internet to provide helpful and convenient information to your customers

Configures the robot’s behavior (speech, display, body language) adapted to the chatbot content

SPARK web interface provides a quick and easy way to integrate your chatbots into your robots

Can be configured to collect real-time analytics from either chatbots or robots, based on Google Analytics solution

Integrates Google Suite (Mail, Calendar…) and uses popular SMS platforms (Twilio…) to stay connected with your customers

Integrates IoT & PoS connectors, for identification or payment (Devices with Bluetooth, NFC, IFTTT…)



B2B use cases with SPARK

➔ Improve the welcoming service
Answer questions
Navigate and guide people
Customized relationship

pepper welcomes with SPARK

➔ Sales assistant
Special offers
Products & services promotion
Products & services order

cruzr products order

➔ Connect to services
Internet Of Things
Customer identification

pepper services connection with spark

➔ Entertain
Educational activities
Customer experience
From kids to elders

cruzr robot entertainment


Enhance the customer experience by providing rich and smart interactions with social robots

  • Multi-Robot & Multi-Chatbot solution
  • Entirely cloud-based
  • Easy, quick and low cost integration (Existing chatbot can be quickly integrated)
  • Give a personality to your chatbot and create emotional connection thanks to the robot’s interactive capabilities
  • Enrich your omnichannel strategy by adding a new way to engage with your customers, and ensure the continuity between the digital and physical world
  • Speak to each customer with a single voice regardless of channel, offering a consistent experience in different situations (at home, in mobility, in-store…)
  • Deliver the best robot interaction to your customers thanks to the latest AI Chatbots & Knowledge technologies
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SPARK in video

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