robot receptionist

Create your own Receptionist Robot application!

The Receptionist is an application that allows your customers and visitors to identify themselves and notify staff members of their arrival, whether you are in a hotel, a store, a medical clinic or a public institution. This application is fully customizable from a ready-to-use template in our SPARK Website. Everything can be easily configured, such as the branding,  the identification & notification ways, the team members…

  • Different ways to identify: a name or a number to complete, a QR / Bar code to scan, a card to scan, face recognition…
  • Validation step integrated (to confirm is the person is known or if there’s an appointment)
  • Possibility to leave a voice message which will be sent to the person you need to notify
  • Choose from different notification modes: SMS, email, notification
  • Use the robot navigation to bring people to a specific place


receptionist steps

Screenshots from Receptionist Template

Robot Compatibility

pepper cruzr robots


Special Features

➔ App fully customizable from SPARK
➔ ‎Different ID modes (Name, number, PIN Code, card scanning, QR & bar code scanning, face reco)
➔ ‎SMS, email, notification sending