robot navigation

Make your Cruzr robot navigate to points of interest and configure his behavior!

Integrate Cruzr with his autonomous navigation in your robotics project! No coding skills required to make your robot move safely and smoothly in your environment. You just need to follow the two steps below:

1. Create the cartography
  • Make Cruzr carry out the mapping through a dedicated mobile application
  • Cruzr uses all his navigation capabilities to create the full cartography of the environment, allowing him to easily localize himself and navigate to different places.
  • It includes obstacles and walls detection.
  • Once the map is complete, it will automatically be available in your SPARK user account.
2. Place the Points of Interest (POI) and configure the robot’s behavior 

From the SPARK Navigation template, you can:

  • Place all the Points of Interest (e.g. Specific places in your building, a product in your store…) directly on the map.  So the robot will know where he has to go according to human requests.
  • Place virtual walls to make sure the robot will avoid certain places or obstacles.
  • Define the robot’s behavior while navigating (when a POI is reached, when navigation is interrupted…)
  • Configure the robot’s behavior for each Point of Interest (Application to start, speech, display…)
  • Schedule the navigation to define where the robot must go according to what time it is.
  • Use the robot navigation in your app menu or inside an application.

Robot Compatibility

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