Give your robots a SPARK of life

SPARK is the first solution that integrates the most advanced AI chatbots and the best Knowledge technologies in a unique solution that can operate on any robots with Android operating system.

Using the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies, our new solution gives your robots a SPARK of life by combining AI platforms and robots capabilities to provide better AI-driven conversational experiences.

Connect your robot to the most advanced AI platforms (Google Dialogflow, Amazon Lex, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, custom-made bot…), and allow powerful Knowledge (Google, Wolfram, Houndify…) for a rich Human-Robot conversation.


> How does SPARK works?

intuitive robots spark solution chatbot artificial intelligence knowledge

SPARK integrates the most advanced AI chatbots into your robot to provide smarter and effective interaction

Uses the latest Automatic Knowledge resources from Internet to provide helpful and convenient information to your customers

Combines robot’s capabilities (speech, display, body language) with the best AI chatbots performances

SPARK CMS provides a quick and easy way to integrate your chatbots into your robots

Can be configured to collect real-time analytics from either chatbots or robots, based on Google Analytics solution

Easily integrates the main services from Google (Gmail, GCalendar, GMaps…) and uses popular SMS platforms such as Twilio

Ready to integrate IoT & PoS connectors such as printing and payment (With Bluetooth connection)

Provide SMART and EFFECTIVE interaction for
better CONVERSATIONAL experience with ROBOTS

  • Enrich your cross-channel strategy by adding a new way to engage with your customers, and ensure the continuity between the digital and physical world
  • Speak to each customer with a single voice regardless of channel, offering a consistent experience in different situations (at home, mobility, in-store)
  • Give a personality to your chatbot and create an emotional connection thanks to the robot’s interactive capabilities
  • Deliver the best robot interaction to your customers thanks to the latest AI Chatbots & Knowledge technologies
  • Easy, quick and low cost integration. Existing chatbots can be directly integrated without any changes
  • Benefit from all the future improvements that will be provided by the most advanced AI & Knowledge platforms SPARK uses
  • Collect relevant analytics to analyze and improve the customer experience

SPARK is specifically adapted to Softbank Robotics NAOqi OS (2.5 and 2.9)

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