From ideation to integration, our experts provide a wide range of robotic services
to make robots smart, useful and effective in your business.

By Intuitive Robots

Conversational design and UX

Our challenge is to make social robots intuitive, easy to understand and easy to engage with. When we create applications and voicebots for robots, we primary focus on the way robots interact with users, depending the type of company and environment they will be used.

Our design strategy aims to ensure rich, smart and seamless interactions between robots and humans. Verbal communication, body language and tablet display are key design aspects for building great interactions that will really succeed and shine in front of humans.

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Chatbot creation and adaptation

You already have a chatbot. Let’s combine the power of your chatbot with the robot’s capabilities! Existing chatbots (regardless the platform) can quickly be integrated with our SPARK Solution, and adapted to social robots. Our expertise is to make them effective on any social robot, by adapting the text content into voice content, defining the display and creating great robot’s animations.

You don’t have a chatbot. No problem! We’ll create a chatbot perfectly tailored to your needs, using the most performing bot platforms (Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson, DYDU…). To make it much more efficient, we can connect the robot to your back-end system and use a wide range of IoT (Identification, payment…), making interactions even more useful.

Training, support and continuous chatbot learning

Support and customer training

In any project, we provide all the services and support needed, including customer training:

  • Take care of the robot as well as all use its capabilities and features
  • Interact with the chatbot and use the apps on the robot

Chatbot training and improvement

People communicate in different styles, using different words and phrases, so a chatbot must be constantly trained to be more and more effective. We offer to take care of the learning and bot improvement on a daily basis, to ensure better conversations, in addition to give you all the info about what your customers are looking for.

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Navigation with Cruzr Robot

Combine the power of chatbots with navigation.

Thanks to the latest navigation technologies, robots like Cruzr are now able to easily navigate in physical locations while holding conversations with humans.

What will our consultants do?

Proceeding step-by-step, our navigation experts will help you define the points of interest, which correspond to the different places where the robot will have to go. After the mapping procedure, these points of interest will then be included in the chatbot, so people will be able to ask the robot to go to a specific place, by using the voice or the touch screen.

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