Partners and References

Our Partners and References


softbank robotics intuitive robots partnerFormerly Aldebaran, Softbank Robotics designs and manufacturers friendly and interactive humanoid robots, such as Pepper, NAO and Roméo robots. In 2015, Intuitive Robots officially became partner, by taking part of the Pepper’s first deployment in Europe in Carrefour stores in France and Spain.

ubtech-logoUBTECH is a global leading AI and humanoid robotic company. The company has successfully developed humanoid robots for business use (Cruzr) and robots for education (Alpha-Mini, JIMU robot building kits). In 2019, Intuitive Robots partnered with UBTECH, providing the SPARK solution to Cruzr and Alpha-Mini robots.

Blue Frog Robotics is the developer and designer of Buddy, the famous emotional companion. Made in France, this 60 cm high robot BUDDY has a range of emotions that he will express naturally throughout the day based on his interactions with people. Buddy will be used in various industries such as education, healthcare or elders.

dydu intuitive robots partnerDYDU is a French company specialized in the chatbot, voicebot and callbot conception. By using their bot platform, Intuitive Robots is collaborating with DYDU in the voicebot integration for social robots. In partnership with the sports media l’Équipe, we recently integrated Botaldo, a soccer expert chatbot for the Ligue 1.


renault intuitive robots partnerPepper has been deployed in 120 Renault car dealerships all over France. Its job is to welcome people, promote car ranges, collect customers information in order to book a personal appointment and also propose a quizz about in-car technologies.
More info here.

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Deployed in 6 agencies Pepper gives information about the banking services provided by AXA while customers wait for an adviser. The robot mainly helps people about day-to-day operations. People can also play interactive games with Pepper so they don’t realize they’re waiting in line.

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2015 was an amazing year for Carrefour Group, Softbank Robotics and Intuitive Robots. The international retailer was the first company ever to deploy Pepper in Europe, in three stores in France and two in Spain. 7 robots per store, strategically located with applications to promote products and entertain people.

Two years later, while Carrefour Spain is making a Pepper Tour all over the country, Carrefour France has deployed Pepper in two stores in Paris area to promote smart devices. Located in the Connect You area, Pepper welcomes and informs customers about the connected devices (Features, prices, product location…)

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Since 2016, Pepper is deployed in 5 cruise ships to inform and entertain guests. Whether you are looking for an excursion, an on-board activity or the location of your room, just ask Pepper! Additional information in the following press release.

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Pepper has been working for Westfield for few months. The robot helped shoppers to find their directions and collected customer feedback. During this experience, +10k customers were directed to stores. Read the full case study from SBRA.