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➔ Akinator The Web Genius ©

Adapted from the famous mobile application designed by our partner Elokence, the robot has to guess a real or a fictional character you think about and has to find it in less than 20 questions. Perfect for all age groups.

➔ Memory Game

Customizable application. This adaptation on robots offers a touchscreen interaction with the robot. The robot displays on its tablet a composition of 5 pairs of identical cards with illustrations. The goal is to discover the 5 pairs before a defined time.

➔ Selfie application

Customizable application. This is a great way to capture your first meet with Pepper and leave with unforgettable memories! Pepper proposes to chose between three poses. Once the pose chosen, people have to go behind the robot to take a selfie with their smartphone.

➔ Quick, Draw!

Discover Quick, Draw! A game based on TensorFlow from Google where the robot tries to guess what you’re drawing! It’s just an example of how we can use Machine Learning in fun ways (The more you play with it, the more it will learn). Click here to see how it works in your browser!

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