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+200 Pepper robots have P4S embedded worldwide

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About Intuitive Robots

At Intuitive Robots, we create custom applications dedicated to humanoid robots. We propose new uses for your digital lives.

The new advanced humanoid robots now have the ability to interact naturally and intuitively with people. Thus, they can be used as new communication interfaces:

  • For professional uses : Attracting, welcoming, guiding, informing, promoting products or services, getting feedbacks... Regardless of whether retail store, hospital, museum or any kind of company, the needs are shared across many businesses. Humanoid robots such as Pepper can answer these needs in a very efficient and innovative way in order to enhance people experience.
  • At home: Education, entertainment, interaction with Internet of Things, daily assistance from children to elderly people, there're plenty of use cases. We propose adapted applications. The domain of application is limitless. Just ask us!

Our expertise and creativity allow us to address this challenge :

Give the robots a spark of life, and the chance to integrate our lives.

About Intuitive Robots

Intuitive Robots is a premier developer and publisher of humanoid robots applications solutions.



We give a spark of life to humanoid robots and the chance to integrate our life.

We particularly make Pepper robots useful in the service and retail industries by proposing new software solutions within the digital strategies, and by providing strategy consulting in the use of humanoid robotics. Since 2014, our main activity is only dedicated to humanoid robot applications and solutions.

Our experience combined with our technical knowledge of Pepper and NAO robots, made us able to design relevant, robust and efficient interactive applications.

In partnership with Softbank Robotics (formerly Aldebaran), we took part in Pepper’s first deployment in Europe by creating different applications for Carrefour stores in France & Spain, for the Carnival Group (AIDA, Costa Cruise) on several cruise ships and more recently for retailers in the United States. (Take a look on our business references)

Our solutions for Pepper

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News and Media

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July 2016 : Vivatech Paris 2016

During three days, we attended one of the most awaited event of the year, the VivaTech Paris 2016. We were present at the Carrefour Lab, showing all the benefits to integrate Pepper in any kind of business, by using our new solution, Pepper4Services.

  • With Franck Calzada, CEO Intuitive Robots

  • Carrefour Group was the first company in Europe to integrate Pepper in their stores

  • Franck Calzada presenting different use-cases with Pepper

  • How to play memory game with Pepper ? Kids know !


July 2016 : The 3rd place for Intuitive Robots at the France Entreprise Digital challenge, start-up category

We thank ADN Ouest and everyone who voted for us during this challenge dedicated to innovations in the French digital landscape.




June 2016 : Pepper at Carrefour : A use-case in retail store

Below a video made by Softbank Robotics & Carrefour France, showing Pepper and some use cases in retail store :

January 2016 : For the first time in Europe, we can meet humanoid robots in retail stores !

We developed these applications for Carrefour and Softbank Robotics Europe !

Pepper LOL Chez Carrefour

Few details about the project :

” To the delight of visitors, Pepper the Robot combines entertainment activities and services for the customers of the store, around several interactive applications created by the French start-up Intuitive Robots , in collaboration with Aldebaran Robotics and Carrefour (the French multinational retailer). Various games are proposed such as Akinator, Memory Game that will appeal to the youngest, but also the “Game Smile” based on the recognition of basic emotions. Dances are offered as well as a photos session for an unforgettable meeting. About the customers services,  the robot offers a satisfaction survey and various informations about the products. “

Aldebaran in Carrefour France retail store


Intuitive Robots introduces Pepper robot from Aldebaran – Humanoids robots for Services, Retail, and for private uses.

DevFest Nantes

Come to visit us on the stand B20 at Innorobo 2015 ! Let’s talk about robots !

Innorobo 2015

Innorobo 2015

A short TV video presenting some of our apps in Numérique!

Télé Nantes

An article and a video presenting Intuitive Robots on France Live.
Read the article.

France Live

Few images of our Math Writer application in the Aldebaran’s Atelier in Paris (from 13min 30s in the video).The Intuitive Robots applications in the media : Canal plus !

Canal+ JT

They are playing with Akinator and the Math Writer, both Intuitive Robots applications, seen in the Aldebaran’s Atelier in Paris.

Le Figaro

Interview of Franck Calzada, founder of Intuitive Robots, during the Digital Week in Nantes.

The Digital Week, Nantes Métropole

Our Math Writer application seen in an interview of Bruno Maisonnier, the founder of Aldebaran, on BFM Business.

BFM Business

Franck Calzada, founder of Intuitive Robots, interviewed by, the French website, while presenting Nao applications on the Aldebaran’s booth in InnoroboFranck Calzada, founder of Intuitive Robots, is interviewed for the website

Innorobo and

A word from an expert in robotic, Franck Calzada in Planète Robots n°28 A word of an expert in Robotic, Franck Calzada in the press : Planète Robots

Planète Robots

Our team

High-level (and awesome) engineers

Robots and engineers are already working together

Meet the main team !

Team Intuitive Robots

Our team

High-level (and awesome) engineers




Meet our team !


Franck Calzada
Founder & CEO

“ I started to deal with robotics since i was a student. At this time, humanoid robots were only a dream on a piece of paper. This dream became available and affordable only few years ago, thanks to Aldebaran which created NAO and the new Pepper. In 2012, as I integrated the NAO Developer Program, I started to create many applications especially for NAO. Two years later, I decided to start the Intuitive Robots adventure. ”


Thomas Pennarun
research engineer / developer

“ Hi, I’m Thomas ! As a robot-addicted, that was natural (and pretty cool) for me to join the Intuitive Robots team. I have a master degree in Robotic Engineering and I am here to use my skills to find new and funny ways to interact with humanoid robots. I truly believe in the incoming robotic revolution : give access to useful/awesome humanoid robots to everyone. I am glad to be a part of it ! See you soon ! ”

“ I believe that humanoid robots will change the world (and it already started !). I am convinced that Intuitive Robots will play a big role in the development of the worldwide humanoid robotic field, thanks to our expertise, our creativity and our vision. ”

Franck Calzada, Founder


Julien Joliff
Marketing and Communication Manager

“ Hi ! I’m a digital native passionate about new technologies and innovation, this is why I decided to join Intuitive Robots. I have a Master degree in Management and Marketing and I’d like to apply my skills in communication to make Intuitive Robots famous ! Working with humans and robots is very fulfilling and the field of possibilities is unlimited. My job is to create use cases to make Pepper useful within the digital strategy of any kind of business. ”


Paulo Cornec
Robotic Engineer

“As a big fan of new technlogies, I’m finishing my engineering studies in electronics and digital technologies. After several robots design projects during my academic background, I can say that today I’m really passionate about the robotics field. Much more than the Industrial Robotics, I’m particularly interested in humanoid robotics for B to B and B to C. After that, I discovered that Intuitive Robots was based winthin 100m of my school,  which was a great opportunity for me to develop my skills work with the famous Nao and Pepper robots. The adventure begins now !”


Melyss Blouin
Robotic Engineer

“I’m currently studying automatic system, control and industrial computing, I developed a strong interest in robotics through various projects. So I naturally took the opportunity to do my intership at Intuitive Robots, which is the best way to take part in the promising development of humanoid robotic.”


Napoléon, TARS and CASE
Napoléon, TARS & CASE
Test and validation engineers

“ Hello human brothers ! We’re one of the most important members of the team (if not the most importants… Ahah !!). Designed by Aldebaran in Paris, we are the perfect platform to test the new Intuitive Robots algorithms that give life to robots. We validate all the developments and applications created by Intuitive Robots. ”


Jordan Gobley
Software Engineer

“Huge fan of technology since my earliest childhood, and more specifically unusual human-machine interfaces, I have always been crazy about humanoid robotic. Joining the great Intuitive Robots adventure in 2016 after my degree in software engineering was therefore an incredible opportunity to realize a kid’s dream: helping to give a spark of life to robots.


Flora Briand
UX Engineer

“I am a Software Engineer with a User eXperience expertise. Therefore I have a dual skill: Developer (with an engineer degree in embedded systems) and Ergonomist (with an MSc Interactive Intelligent Systems). Passionate about any kind of human-machine interface, particularly innovative ones, and after 6 years working at Aldebaran on Nao and Pepper, I joined Intuitive Robots to make the interaction with these humanoid robots a natural, intuitive… and fun experience! :)”

Pepper4Services Solution

Pepper4Services : "A ready-to-use solution for your business"


Pepper4Services Solution


“A ready-to-use solution for your Business”



Since 2014, our experience combined with our knowledge of Pepper robot, as much about his ability as technical or physical constraints, made us able to design robust and effective solutions.

We have designed “Pepper4Services“, a suite of solutions which includes applications and web tools for Pepper, which is adaptable to any kind of business (Retail, services…).
Through a web interface, this solution allows to easily, rapidly and intuitively create and manage the robots’ contents and behaviors.



Who is this solution for ?

Developed to provide an effective and user-friendly solution for any type of business, “Pepper4Services” covers a large number of use cases which are adaptable whatever the activity. 

In order to simplify and accelerate the Pepper’s integration within businesses, this solution has been designed to avoid technical tasks such as programming, so our clients can focus only on the content.
Our solution can be easily managed by marketing or communication team, store manager…


What are the use-cases covered by Pepper4Services ?

Created to be used in a business environment, Pepper is a new interface that enhances the customer experience and provides a high-added value by providing new services and communication means.

Our solution integrate several applications enabling Pepper to :

  • Attract
  • Welcome
  • Guide
  • Inform
  • Promote products and services tailored to your customers’ needss
  • Make a satisfaction survey and collect opinions
  • Answer frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Entertain (Games, dances…)

your_app_ideaWe also develop custom and specific applications according to your needs or activity.


How to give a spark of life to Pepper according to your activity?

These applications are configurable at any time through our CMS, accessible from the Web. So everyone can give life to Pepper, according to his own activity.

This web portal enables you to define the behavior of the robot for each of our applications and thus, define what must Pepper :

  • Understand from a human
  • Say through the dialogue
  • Display with the tablet
  • Be animated with his gesture

What kind of content I can manage with P4S?


Some screenshots of the solution :



P4S_job P4S_pro

How to understand interactions with Pepper and measure the quality of your content?

We provide real-time analytics accessible from our Web portal. These statistics help to understand and analyse interactions with Pepper, adapt the content (speech, tablet display…) and thus, improve the Pepper’s quality of service. In addition, other developers can also define their analytics  with their own applications integrated in P4S.


We have three categories of data (crossed between them), for a better understanding and analysis :

  • Demographics (Gender, age, mood…)
  • Spatio-temporal (Place, moment…)
  • About your activity (use-case) (The most popular applications or products, the services required, the frequently asked questions, the opinions collected…)

For further information :


Purchase Pepper


And get the benefits of our new solution, Pepper4Services

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purchase pepper robot

Purchase Pepper



purchase pepper robot

© Softbank Robotics

As Pepper Partner and certified by Softbank Robotics, we ensure the distribution of Pepper.

By purchasing Pepper via Intuitive Robots, you get all the benefits of our ready-to-use solution Pepper4Services solution which allows to easily, rapidly and intuitively create and manage the robots’ contents and behaviors, whatever your business (Welcoming & guiding people, products promotion, services presentation, FAQ, satisfaction survey, entertainment…)

We also offer a catalogue of services to support you in the Pepper4Services management.

For further information about the prices and services, feel free to contact us!

Business references


(Click on the picture below)

Business references

+200 robots worldwide



120 robots all over France


Pepper is now deployed in 120 Renault car dealerships all over France. Her job is to welcome people, promotes car ranges, collects customers information to keep in touch, answers FAQ, proposes a quizz about in-car technologies, and entertain people with a dance or the possibility to take a selfie and post the picture in social media networks.


Photo : Renault

IN VIDEO (French only)


6 robots deployed in 6 agencies in France


Pepper welcomes and informs customers about banking and insurance services in 6 agencies. While customers wait for an advisor, Pepper promotes the banking services offered by AXA and answers FAQs related to their activity. People can also play interactive games with Pepper, such as the Memory Game or Akinator, the Web Genius.


Photo : AXA


7 robots per store, in 3 stores in France and 2 in Spain


To discover our applications developed for Carrefour Group, click below >>> Pepper at Carrefour stores


Video: Softbank Robotics

WESTFIELD Shopping Mall

4 robots in 2 shopping malls – San Francisco, USA




Photos: Softbank Robotics


1 store, Palo Alto, USA


b8ta_storePhoto : Softbank Robotics

 The AVE

1 robot in one on-campus store, at University of Southern California, USA




Photos: Softbank Robotics


Video: Softbank Robotics

HMSHost’s Pyramid Ale Taproom

1 robot at Oakland International Airport, USA


Pepper invites airport passengers to visit Pyramid Ale Taproom, offering them guidance on food and drink selections based on their personal taste preferences. More info here



5 robots per ship in 4 cruise ships – 20 robots





Video : Costa Cruises

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